Recommended anime by peter

name:Tonari no kaibutsu. genre:comedy,romance,slice of life,shojo rating: 8/10

name:Kyoukai no katana. genre Fantasy,supernatural,slice of life rating:8/10

name:Your lie in april. genre Music,Romance,Drama rating 9.3

name:steins gate. genre Comedy,Scifi,Thriller. rating:9.5

name:Anohana. genre Drama,slice of life. rating 8.5

name:Attack on titan. genre Drama,Action,superpower,Thiller rating 8.6

name:Sakurasou no pet no kanojo.genre school, romance, comedy rating 8.6

name:Fullmetal alchemist.genre fantasy,action,adventure,drama,military,magic rating 9.3

name:tokyo ghoul.genre horror,seinen,supernatural, action Psychological rating 8.0

i will now be talking about the summer season 2016 of anime. The spring season was very good coming out my personal favoirtie that season Koutetsujou no Kabaneri and boku no hero academia was also quite good. But what i am really hyped for is nanatsu no taizai season 2 and shokugeki no soma season 2.

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